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Whitelink Seafoods


“The humble fish box is the backbone of our business. We are totally reliant on the strength, durability and insulating capacity of Styropack EPS fish boxes to protect and maintain the excellence of our fish.”  Graham Sutherland, Whitelink Seafoods.

Styropack is the leading supplier of EPS (expanded polystyrene) fish boxes in the UK.  It have developed a number of fish box products to suit its customers.


Whitelink, a family firm based in Fraserburgh, Scotland, is a longstanding customer, as Graeme Sutherland explains: “Over the years, Styropack has always responsive to our needs.

“When we wanted labels on our boxes, they organised that for us, they keep our products in stock for us, so we always have a reliable supply and they are competitively priced."


View Whitelink Seafood’s full range of exquisite Scottish seafood here 

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