What’s in a box?

A box can be so much more than ‘just’ a box…

Let me explain. Styropack is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality protective and insulating boxes. Many of the nation’s leading producers of premium food products select Styropack boxes.

So when I ask ‘what’s in a box?’ I am asking what a box means to you…

To us at Styropack, making boxes – and other packaging – is what we do best. We are proud of our commitment to manufacturing high quality, environmentally responsible, reliable, cost effective packaging.

To our customers in the food sector, it is what goes inside our Styropack box that matters. They want to be 100% certain they can rely on a box to deliver their food safely. Like us, they believe in excellent service and they make no compromises.

They choose Styropack to give them that security.

So, every time a Styropack box is selected by one of those top food suppliers to pack their fresh items, we feel a certain pride and, we make absolutely sure that we deliver exactly what we promised.

So, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, because the fish, meat, seafood, cheese, vegetables, haggis, smoked salmon, pre-cooked meals and other foods delivered in Styropack boxes will arrive in the tip-top condition that we all expect.