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Styropack by BEWI expands EPS recycling capability in partnership with the Volke Gruppe

November 2022

Styropack by BEWI is a leading UK supplier of EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging. The unique properties of EPS make it a perfect packaging material for insulating and protective packaging across a range of sectors.

In addition, EPS is 100% recyclable.  And, Styropack by BEWI is committed to increasing the recycling of EPS packaging and contributing to the growth of EPS in the circular economy. Our Aberdeen site is working in partnership with the Volker Gruppe to collect and compact EPS packaging from local businesses, householders and, uniquely, from Aberdeenshire County Council.

Paul McDonald, UK Packaging & Sustainability Manager at Styropack by BEWI’s Aberdeen site is leading the initiative and he explains:

“We have always recycled rejects from our own manufacturing process back into packaging products. Now as part of the BEWI Group we are involved in a much wider process. We are compacting used, clean EPS which is collected from users around the North East of Scotland and in turn, supplying it to Volker Gruppe for recycling back into new raw material (360 economy).

"In a Phase 2 of the initiative, we are investing in a new compacter that will enable us to recycle EPS that has been used for fish boxes and other used EPS packaging that is not clean.


"This will dramatically increase the volumes that we are able to supply to Volker Gruppe to be recycled.

"It will also provide a new outlet for fish processors in North East Scotland to recycle their used EPS boxes, taking them out of landfill, ensuring that this valuable resource is used again instead of being thrown away.”

In the next phase, Styropack by BEWI will be increasing collection points in collaboration with Aberdeenshire


Compacted EPS ready for recycling

County Council to increase the volumes of EPS it can recycle and it will upgrade its recycling facilities at its Ford and Howden plants to increase its capacity to recycle and to further contribute to the circular economy.

For more information please contact: 


EPS packaging is used in many sectors, including pharmaceutical, fish boxes, bespoke designed protective packaging for white goods, fresh produce and the home delivery of frozen food. EPS protects these products, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. The insulating properties guarantee the safe use of pharmaceutical products in hygienic, medical applications and the food products are safe to consume.

Styropack and  JABLITE by BEWI
Styropack and Jablite by BEWI are leading UK manufacturers of EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging, insulation and civil engineering products and systems.

BEWI is a leading international provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions. The company’s commitment to sustainability is integrated throughout the value chain, from production of raw materials and end goods to recycling.

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