Styropack continues to deliver world-class customer service

As part of its ongoing drive to deliver World Class Customer Service, Styropack conducted its second Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2016.

“The results of our first survey in 2015 were staggeringly good. TLF, the independent consultancy, that undertook the survey on our behalf told us that such high scores are extremely unusual – if not unheard of – for a first survey,” says Richard Lee, Managing Director.

“Everyone on the Styropack team was really pleased to see that our customer-focussed approach got such a great result. Putting the customer at the heart of our business is one of our core business values.

“So it was a disappointment to see that our 2016 results showed a very small decline. We achieved 88.8%, a decrease of less than 1 percentage point from our 2015 results of 89.7%. Only a small drop but obviously we are all very dissatisfied!

“We still have a long way to go to achieve our aim of delivering world class customer service, to all of our customers, all of the time. We are determined to keep raising our standards to an unbeatable level for our customers.”