Styropack is Celebrating 50 Years of UK Manufacturing

Styropack, a leading manufacturer of EPS (expanded polystyrene) packaging is celebrating its 50th year of business in the UK.

“We are all very proud to have achieved this milestone” says Richard Lee, Managing Director, Styropack. “It shows what a truly great business Styropack is. We have even retained some of our customers for the entire 50 years – and I don’t believe there are many companies that can say that!”

“Styropack has survived and thrived through the peaks and troughs of the UK economy since 1965. Our three manufacturing sites in Aberdeen, Blackburn and Ford all have employees who have been with the business for over 25, 30 and even 35 years and that is another sign of a healthy business,” says Richard.

As a producer of protective packaging Styropack suffered during the exodus of white and black goods manufacturers to eastern Europe and the Far East. But Styropack has focussed on its core strengths and has retained a strong position in the UK marketplace, where product quality and customer service are the key differentiators.

Richard Lee, explains, “We have literally years of manufacturing expertise and experience to call on in Styropack.

“And, we have developed long lasting, personal relationships with our customers. The Styropack customer knows that they come first and we will always deliver what is needed.”

Styropack has manufactured trillions of of fish boxes, bespoke packaging and horticulture trays in the past 50 years and it plans to continue doing it for the next 50 years…