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Home Delivery

For retailers looking to develop and grow a home delivery market, a sturdy box that guarantees to protect the goods on the journey to the customer is vital.

Many online and catalogue retailers are discovering the benefits of using a polystyrene box to package their fragile items. Not only do they provide the required protective performance but Styropack boxes are uniquely resource efficient – being 98% air and 100% recyclable.

For fresh or frozen food, an expanded polystyrene box is the best choice, not only does it protect – it insulates!  Our friendly Styropack team can advise you on packing inserts to keep food frozen or at stable temperatures throughout its journey from your business to your customers’ homes.

And you can be confident that our our home delivery range of boxes has been tried and tested in the marketplace. Read what leading food delivery retailer; Donald Russell has to say about Styropack boxes and how Styropack supports their business growth by offering the best customer service available.

Please view our product datasheet for product sizes etc.