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Peli BioThermal


Peli BioThermal™ is the first cold chain packaging solutions provider to make available a broad and comprehensive portfolio of patented and award-winning single-use and reusable thermal protection packaging solutions for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, diagnostics, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies for the life science industry.


Peli BioThermal™ product brands are available in a host of payload capacities from 2 to 96 litres and offer unprecedented flexibility to fully optimise performance and contain costs through volume efficiency, simple packout, reduced inventory needs and lower distribution costs.

Styropack have been working in partnership with Peli BioThermal™ since 2015 supplying high demand, high volume EPS boxes meeting their quick turnaround requirements.


As part of the ongoing relationship with Peli BioThermal™, Styropack were asked to produce a new range of EPS boxes to their specific specification. Styropack worked with Peli to ensure the EPS boxes they required were true to their design requirements.


They put in some significant investment to ensure that the products could be produced to the highest quality and required standards and that demand could be met. Styropack streamlined their manufacturing processes by combining production for the whole range of PeliBioThermal’s products from one Styropack site.


Ray Crane, Peli BioThermal™ Operations director commented: “It is vital our packaging solutions are produced to the highest quality and that we are able to meet the demands of our customers. Styropack have worked with us not only to ensure that productivity and quality standards are met, but have also given significant investment to help streamline the whole process. This has ensured that we get a full range of products on time and any increases in demand are met and continuity in supply across all the product range is maintained.

“Styropack provide dedicated levels of customer service and they really know what is important to us and take the time and energy to ensure things run smoothly. We feel that we have built a true partnership between the two businesses.

"Styropack maintain regular reviews to help plan our current and future requirements and we believe our relationship can only go from strength to strength.”

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