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Styropack by BEWI Name Change

On 3 April 2023, Styropack by BEWI changes its name to BEWI. The new BEWI business in the UK will have two divisions: BEWI Packaging and Components (UK) Ltd which will replace Styropack and BEWI Insulation and Construction (UK) Ltd, replaces the name of its sister company, Jablite.

“The good news for our customers is that our service levels and quality will stay exactly the same.  Whilst the bank account name will change to BEWI Packaging and Components (UK) Ltd, there will be no change to other bank account details or our company registration numbers,” says John Cooper, Managing Director of BEWI in the UK.

Styropack is a leading UK supplier of EPS Packaging for fish boxes, produce, technical products, pharmaceutical and horticulture. As part of the BEWI Group, the team is developing a full service offer to include cardboard sleeves, gel packs and other packing products like corrugated cartons to provide a complete packaging solution for its customers.

“We are very excited to be part of the BEWI Group with all the opportunities it brings us in terms of new products to introduce to the UK market and its leading position on sustainability and the circular economy,” adds John Cooper.

On 18 May 2022 BEWI, a European provider of insulation, packaging and components became the 100% owner of Styropack, the UK-based EPS packaging manufacturer.

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