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Facts about Recycling Polystyrene

Polystyrene Packaging is 100% recyclable

In 2018, 52% of the UK’s polystyrene packaging production was recycled

Recycling removes it from the waste chain and reduces littering

Recycling polystyrene ensures a valuable resources is not thrown away

Recycling polystyrene helps to prevent it entering our seas and oceans


Styropack is a recycler of polystyrene packaging

All Styropack sites have Recycling Points where polystyrene packaging can be deposited for recycling.

Our customers, the general public and local businesses are encouraged to bring clean, used polystyrene packaging to these recycling points.


Please contact your local site if you have a van load or more to deliver.

In some cases, Styropack can arrange collections of used packaging.


Please ask your local sales contact for more information if this service is of interest.

As well as recycling clean, used polystyrene back into packaging, Styropack works closely with its sister company Jablite to recycle polystyrene into construction projects.

For more information about Styropack recycling please get in touch with your local site.

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