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DGP Intelsius

DGP Intelsius provide sample transport & temperature-controlled packaging solutions to the life science, healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Their products are used to ship anything from a blood sample, to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of drugs. They are a global company who pride themselves on intelligent, innovative design & excellent customer service.

DGP Intelsius have been using EPS from Styropack for insulation in many of their bespoke products and packaging systems for the last 15 years.

Richard Breckon, DGP Intelsius Operations manager commented: “We like Styropack for the excellent customer service & great relationship we have with the team at Blackburn, they are easy to do business with & work collaboratively with us to meet both parties needs.”

“We particularly like the efficiency & flexibility regarding ordering & deliveries. For us the service from Styropack sets the benchmark for suppliers”.

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