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Bespoke Protective Packaging

Styropack has years of expertise in bespoke protective packaging and the white goods sector. We currently supply leading brands such as Vaillant and Baxi.

The process of developing a product from scratch can be as quick as six weeks, depending on how long we spend on each stage.

Once we have your brief, using the latest CAD (computer aided design) software, we can quickly produce 3D designs that can be viewed and tested before a prototype is created.

Once you are happy with the 3D design, the next stage is to prototype it. With our CNC (computer numerically controlled) cutting equipment, we can produce prototypes with total accuracy.

The prototype allows you to handle your product for the first time and you can test your product or packaging and make sure it is fit for purpose.

For protective packaging, we can perform tests on the packaged item to see the packaging provides the required level of protection. That way we can ensure your products will arrive at their destination undamaged – however robust the handling.

At this stage of the custom manufacture process, you can make the small, vital adjustments that are only possible with a prototype to view and test.

Once you are entirely happy with the prototype, we will order your tool for manufacturing your product in volume. Our design team will manage this process for you, getting competitive quotes and ensuring that the tool is correctly made before production starts.

Find out more about Styropack packaging for white goods.

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