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EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a hygienic material, ideally suited for the pharmaceutical sector, where it is widely used to safely transport a range of products from temperature sensitive vaccines to transplant organs.

In the Biotechnology field, temperature-sensitive items are safely transported between laboratories in EPS boxes. Styropack EPS boxes are lightweight and robust and you can rely on them to provide the performance needed to meet your temperature control requirements.

Styropack has designed a range of boxes to meet the specific packaging needs – insulating and protective – of the pharmaceutical sector.

Styropack EPS has been used for many years by the pharmaceutical industry, because it has:

  • Superb insulating properties
  • Excellent protective characteristics
  • The ability to absorb shocks
  • Excellent handling capabilities
  • An attractive, sterile appearance

Please view our product datasheet for product sizes etc.