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Polystyrene is 100% recyclable

Polystyrene is 100% recyclable

Thousands of tonnes of polystyrene are recycled every year in the UK. This recycling is undertaken by responsible business organisations as currently no local authorities on mainland UK have set up polystyrene recycling outlets.

Polystyrene is a single, inert polymer which makes it extremely straightforward and safe to handle during collection, processing and recycling.


REDUCE, Reuse, Recycle
The three Rs are a fundamental to all waste reduction strategies.

At Styropack we design our products to use the minimum amount of material required to deliver the performance required.

Styropack invests in energy efficient machinery and is committed to sustainable manufacture processes. All Styropack manufacturing sites are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.


Reduce, RE-USE, Recycle

Dame Ann Begg opened Styropack Aberdeen recycling point

Dame Ann Begg MP opened Styropack Aberdeen recycling point

Even better than recycling, polystyrene can be re-used. Any broken products during the production process are broken up, ground back to the original bead size and used again in new products. This means there is zero waste in the Styropack manufacturing process.

Styropack will take back clean, HBCD-free polystyrene and re-use it in new products such as packaging and insulation board. Styropack has developed a seed tray with a  25% recycled seed tray content.

See this video showing collected polystyrene  coming back to Styropack for re-use or recycling.

For information about Styropack recycling points click here.


Reduce, Re-use, RECYCLE

All products made from polystyrene are 100% recyclable, from horticulture seed trays to fish boxes. And, there are recyclers in the UK who want the used material to recycle it. Many will collect compacted material free of charge.

Polystyrene can be recycled into replacement hardwood

Polystyrene can be recycled into replacement hardwood

The used polystyrene must be compacted, this can reduce the size of the material – by removing the air – by as much as 85%.Compacting polystyrene results in small blocks of solid material making  transporting it a more realistic economic and environmentally-responsible option.

The compacted blocks will be recycled back into a clean bead that can be sold as recyclate feedstock and is typically used to make items like picture frames, coat hangers, decking and shopfitting trims.

The recyclate polystyrene bead can also be used to make replacement hardwood which is used to make garden furniture, park benches, fencing and beach huts. It requires no maintenance, looks and acts like wood and reduces the use of natural hardwoods such as teak.

To find a UK  company that recycles expanded polsytyrene, click here