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produce boxesEPS packaging is an hygienic material fully approved for food use. It is widely used to package fish, seafood, raw and cooked meats, cheese and vegetables.

The superb insulating properties of EPS makes it perfect for frozen, chilled, fresh or pre-cooked food products. It can also be used to keep food and drinks hot.

The lightweight nature of EPS makes it easy to handle and stack in the warehouse. With no sharp edges, staples or hinges our boxes are safe to handle at all stages of the distribution chain.

The outstanding protection performance of EPS packaging has made it the first choice for the home delivery sector, which relies on postal or courier delivery to get its products from the warehouse to the customer’s home.

EPS is widely used to provide protective packaging and temperature control.

EPS offers:

  • produce boxesOutstanding shock absorption and protection
  • Excellent handling capabilities
  • Unrivalled insulating qualities
  • An attractive, clean appearance
  • A sustainable choice that is 100% recyclable
  • Exceptional resistance to compression
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