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Burston Nurseries have been growing bedding plants and roses for the Garden Centre industry for over 70 years and Styropack has been the company’s sole supplier of polystyrene plant trays for the past 30 years. James Alcaraz, Nursery Director and Manager says: “Over 90% of our bedding plant production is produced from seed within our Cyclamen in jumbo black polsytyrene plant trayown young plant facility. The ability to produce our own young plants enables us to be very competitive and innovative.

“We only use polystyrene trays to nurture our plants; they provide the very best growing environment – we have tried other products – but for quality plants polystyrene is easily the best option.

“Polystyrene trays help us to keep the plants moist in the summer and prevent cold shock in the winter months. The trays are lightweight and robust making them easy for us and our customers to handle. We can water the plants without any problems and when a consumer takes them home they can safely keep them in the tray and water them until they are ready to plant them out.”

Burston Nurseries is owned by the Pearson family, they set high standards of quality and service and every aspect of the plants growth cycle is scrutinised to ensure the end result is of the best quality.

Chrysanthemums in jumbo black polsytyrene plant tray“Styropack has helped us to innovate our product range, the latest addition to our range is the Jumbo 6 pack, produced in black polystyrene with eye catching labels,” says James.
“To succeed in our business we must produce top quality plants that are safely packaged in their plant trays so they arrive in some-one’s garden in great condition and can be easily transplanted.

“Working with Styropack has helped us to achieve the highest standards in plant quality and Styropack will take back any un-used plant trays and recycle them.

“Over the 30 years of working together Styropack has proved itself to be a reliable and supportive supplier that genuinely wants to help us to grow our business.”