New Operations Manager at Styropack

Styropack has appointed a new Operations Manager at its Ford site in West Sussex and she brings a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of polystyrene to her new role.

Jackie Lee

Jackie Lee, who has worked at Styropack since 1987 has been promoted to Operations Manager, she works with Ford Site Manager Greg Crownshaw, who says: “This is a very well-deserved promotion, Jackie was pivotal to the successful running of the Ford site during a long period – over a year – when there was no site manager.

“During that time, Jackie took on a whole raft of new responsibilities and challenges and she delivered an exceptional performance, often under very difficult circumstances.

“Jackie proved her worth, did a great job and we are very pleased to have her on the team as our new Operations Manager.”

Jackie’s new role makes her responsible for all aspects of customer service, production and distribution – everything except the technical aspects of the business.



An unexpected new challenge was the recent requirement to change the Ford site 24/7 manufacturing in response to market demands, Jackie says: “It has been a very demanding time! We are all extremely stretched and the team here are doing an amazing job. I hope to get things back to a more normal shift pattern in a few weeks time.”
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This will bring more new challenges, which Jackie clearly thrives on, “This new responsibility as Operations Manager does not change the nature of the work – it just brings on more of it and more to learn – and I am enjoying every minute of it!”