Girlguiding Aberdeen and Styropack say “Thank you” to Recyclers

Girlguiding Aberdeen and Styropack would like to say thank you to every person who dropped off polystyrene at the dedicated drop off event on Sunday 26th January.

“Together, we have ensured that three large bags of polystyrene have been recycled. We are really proud of how much we collected in just on one day”, says Georgina Rolfe, lead volunteer for events and opportunities in Girlguiding Aberdeen.

The partnership between Girlguiding Aberdeen and Styropack aims to increase the recycling of polystyrene in the Granite City. It is part of their contribution to Girlguiding’s Future Girl Acts campaign to tackle plastic pollution.

Polystyrene is commonly used for fish boxes, organs for transplant and packaging of white goods. It is 98% air giving it unique protective and insulating properties and is very lightweight.

“Not many people know that it is 100% recyclable or that we recycle it,” says Carol Lunan, Site Manager for Styropack Aberdeen.

“We are working to increase the amount of recycled content in our products but it is hard to do when polystyrene is not collected. This dedicated drop- off event has enabled people to help recycle it.”

If you were not able to make it along to the recycling drop off, the Girlguiding Aberdeen Polystyrene Recycling Point is still open for business at Styropack, Craigshaw Road, West Tullos Industrial Estate, Aberdeen AB12 3AS.  If you have a van- load of polystyrene please call 01224 873 166 to arrange a drop off.