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98% Air

Expanded polstyrene (EPS)  is 98% air. It  is a rigid, cellular plastic with a closed foam structure of microscopically small air bubbles.

100% Recyclable

Thousands of tonnes of expanded polystyrene are recycled every year in the UK.


This packaging material reduces your fuel consumption, positively contributing to your sustainability targets.


The structure of EPS makes it a simple, effective insulator that can be used to keep products hot or cold. EPS has an average thermal insulation rate of 0.037W (m.k.) at 15g density.


EPS absorbs shock. It is used in bicycle helmets, child car seats and to package fragile and high value items. EPS is abrasion resistant. The soft surface of EPS cushions products and prevents scratching or damage.

Compression Resistant

EPS has excellent compressive resistance, this makes it an ideal material  to package and protect heavy items like washing machines and tumble driers in transit. An additional bonus is with EPS packaging these products can be safely stacked five high in the warehouse.


EPS can be designed and moulded into almost any shape.

Water resistant

EPS is naturally buoyant and water resistant.

Reassuring Appearance

EPS has a clean, hygienic appearance making it perfect for packaging fresh food and pharmaceutical items.


EPS is completely inert. This makes it a good packaging material for food or any sensitive items. If it gets wet, it does not dissolve and release potentially damaging chemicals onto your products.


EPS can be branded, with labels or by embossed branding that is moulded in to material


EPS is manufactured using steam and  is 98% air makes it a uniquely resource-efficient material.